Hello! I’m Sophie Davis – busy mum, wife and owner of Seres Gifts Limited.

Several years ago, I started to get disillusioned with shopping for gifts. With independent retailers becoming scarcer, I felt that the high streets were all starting to look the same. Well known department stores offered mass produced, uninspiring gifts at what I felt often had an over-inflated sense of worth. I decided one day to stop moaning about it and actually do something!

I wanted to offer something that wasn’t readily available and a beautiful pure silk scarf and jewellery roll that I had received as a gift from my best friend got me thinking – silk is so luxurious, why isn’t there more of it? The seed of an idea had been sown. It has taken several years of hard work, determination and sometimes frustration to come up with a range of exclusive gifts that forms the foundation of Seres Gifts.

Silk is at the heart of the business – “Seres” is the ancient Greek term for silk traders! The exquisite fabrics show excellence in craftsmanship and promise something uniquely affordable.

Silver is the other thread that runs through Seres. With an abundance of lightweight, mass-produced silver on the high-street, Seres’ sterling silver collection is simple, elegant and superbly crafted. At a time when silver prices are at an all-time high, Seres’ realistically priced silver will never compromise on quality.

Those of you who have met me will realise how passionate I am about pure silk and sterling silver. You may also have realised how important it is to me to provide the best possible service to all my customers. If you need any assistance in deciding on your perfect gift, I’m here to help in whatever way I can. I’m also always delighted to hear your suggestions for future designs and gift ideas.

I very much hope you enjoy shopping on the new website!